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Since his late teens, Jordan has been a fixture on the Boston airwaves. He started his career as a weather reporter on WRKO in 1978. Soon after, he was promoted to morning co-host, sharing the spotlight with the legendary Norm Nathan. He made his way to WLLH as a talk host and eventually became the morning man for the adult contemporary radio station WSSH FM. Jordan greeted listeners daily for fifteen years on the 50,000 watt FM music station before moving to WBZ where he has remained since the mid 1990’s.

As host of the long-running Jordan Rich Show, he developed a loyal nation-wide audience that enjoyed intelligent talk about art, culture, history, science, and the human experience. Jordan interviewed hundreds of authors, musicians, actors, and other celebrities.

Today, Jordan hosts special features at the 50,000 watt news/talk WBZ Radio, including his New England Weekend and Connoisseur Corner segments. Jordan hosts “The Upside with Jordan” (good news stories) and “Now Streaming with Jordan” (reviews of films and TV series on streaming platforms). In addition, Jordan reviews books for the WBZ Book Club.

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For more information about Jordan, email him at or call 781-356-1500 or his cell at 617-838-0159.

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