The Book - "ON-AIR: My 50-Year Love Affair with Radio"

Jordan Rich is the author of a broadcast memoire, "ON-AIR: My 50-Year Love Affair with Radio." He talks candidly about his experiences behind the microphone and shares stories of challenges in his personal life. You’ll meet his wise mentors as he touches on his love of theatre, film and music, the mercurial world of radio employment (and unemployment), the support and love of family, and one key friendship as rock-solid as Mt. Rushmore. From doing gigs on the road to interviewing celebrities to operating a successful recording studio for over four decades, the book chronicles one lucky guy’s career and more than a few life lessons he’s picked up along the way.

All proceeds benefit one of Jordan’s favorite charities, Boston Children’s Hospital.

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Here's what readers are saying:

To simply say that On Air—My 50-year Love Affair with Radio by Jordan Rich is a charming, informative and compelling memoir would be a disservice to both the author and the book. It is all of that and significantly much more. Jordan Rich literally opens his heart to the reader as he details his journey from being a young boy who was fascinated with the radio all the way through his long career as a premier radio talk show host and one of the most recognizable voices in Greater Boston.

Almost anyone who listens to Boston area radio should be familiar with the deep resonant—always friendly and approachable—voice of Jordan Rich. After a 'rich' and varied career with a number of area radio stations, Jordan found himself a home as WBZ's late-night voice of sanity, entertainment, wisdom and humor. I consider myself fortunate to have known Jordan in his alter ego as a voice talent and recording studio executive. Proud to call him a friend, as well as an associate. The best thing about "On Air" is the sense the reader has of sitting in an intimate setting with Jordan at his side. Jordan writes as he speaks, with clarity, warmth, humor and insight.

Some people know early on what they want to do with their lives and such is the case with Jordan Rich, the author of this book. I've always enjoyed hearing and reading about how people choose their professions/avocations. Whom are they influenced by? What events in their early lives--big and small--had an impact on the formation and course of their career path. Rich describes in a rich and varied series of episodes how his dream of being in radio first materialized and how life--always full of unexpected turns--is so much a part of his continuing dream . I look forward to reading the next edition! Not just New Englanders, but radio lovers everywhere will enjoy this book. 

A thoroughly entertaining and honest look not only at a life in radio but a life well lived, with compassion, humor, and insight. Jordan's reach has extended to thousands of eager listeners, affecting countless lives. As he puts it, "I've had a long love affair with radio...But it goes beyond that. Radio has provided me with a chance to build a legacy, to make a tiny bit of difference in the lives of some, many of them strangers. I consider it an honor." And btw, Jordan's fantastic podcast series, where he interviews artists, writers, just fascinating people from all walks of life, is can't-miss listening!

Growing up in Connecticut I listened to WBZ because it played the music I liked at that period in my life but unfortunately never tuned in to Jordan Rich’s late night talk show. I’m disappointed that I didn’t tune him in because they must have been fantastic just from what I gathered reading his book.
You don’t necessarily have to be a New Englander to appreciate this book. Although it is filled with a lot of local information Jordan’s writing goes beyond the area and offers many “life lessons” we all can learn from.
Summed up I thought the writing was captivating and told a good story of one man’s passion for the career he followed!

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