Classes and Instruction

Every individual’s voice is as unique as a fingerprint. And with the proper training, you can develop that voice and embark on a new career as a voice-over artist.

Jordan has been a successful voice-over artist for nearly four decades. As Chart Productions, he and co-owner Ken Carberry have produced countless commercials, public service announcements, and other professional voice-over services. And although Jordan's voice-over classes have launched careers throughout the greater Boston area, they still remain one of the best kept secrets in the industry.

Through Jordan's individual, one-on-one instruction, you'll learn breath control, microphone technique, copy interpretation and more. You'll also learn the marketing skills necessary to grow your voice-over career. At the completion of the program, you'll receive a professionally produced audio demo package - a valuable tool for start your new career.

Are you already a voice-over artist? Jordan's classes are a great way to brush-up on your skills, get up-to-speed with the latest tools and trends, and learn new skills from one of the best voice-over coaches in the industry.

For more information, or to book a class, email Jordan at, or call 781-356-1500.