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Jordan has been a staple in the broadcasting industry for decades. As the long-running host of WBZ Radio's The Jordan Rich Show, his warm style and comforting voice reached hundreds of thousands of listeners across the nation and beyond. Today, Jordan still hosts live talk shows and his weekly series of produced features grace the WBZ airwaves. As a nationally recognized voice-over artist, Jordan has recorded thousands of commercials and narrations for numerous businesses, organizations, and charities. He is also the host/producer of several popular podcasts and is proud of his growing library of audiobook narrations. His voice-over classes have launched the careers of many in the field. Jordan is co-owner of Chart Productions, an audio/video production company in Boston, and is active on the public speaking circuit throughout new England.

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Voice-over Services

Jordan has been a successful voice-over artist for over four decades. His projects include:

• Radio/Internet/TV Commercials
• Audio Books
• Video and Music Narrations
• Audio Podcasts
• Public Service Announcements
• Presentations

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Voice-over Classes and Instruction

If you've ever dreamed of having a career as voice-over artist, here’s your chance to learn the skills from the best in the industry!

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Public Speaking

An experienced speaker and master of ceremonies, Jordan adds his signature humor and "touch of class” to any occasion. His ability to connect with audiences large and small, makes him a great fit for your next event. His expertise includes:

• Guest speaker or Keynote
• Master of ceremonies
• Expert auctioneer
• Game show host
• On and off-stage announcer

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Jordan on the Radio

You may recognize Jordan's name from WBZ's highly successful and long-running Jordan Rich Show. Today, he produces special feature segments, including “New England Weekend” and “Connoisseur Corner.” He also hosts “The Upside with Jordan” (good news stories) and “Now Streaming with Jordan” (reviews of films and TV series on streaming platforms). Jordan also reviews books for the “WBZ Book Club.”

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Podcast - "On Mic with Jordan Rich"

Jordan invites you to join his growing audience of podcast fans for "On Mic with Jordan Rich," where conversation is alive and well!

Available free on all platforms, "On Mic" features Jordan doing what he loves best, interviewing artists, actors, writers, broadcasters, historians, scientists and “creative people who have something to say.”

Also, Jordan's celebrity interviews from his years at WBZ are available on his podcast "On Mic with Jordan Rich - Late Night Classics."

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The Book

"ON-AIR: My 50-Year Love Affair with Radio"

Jordan is proud to present his book, "ON-AIR: My 50-Year Love Affair with Radio." He talks candidly about his experiences behind the microphone and shares stories of challenges in his personal life.

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